March 23, 2010

19 months.

Next week would be 19 months of trying to give Emma a sibling. 19 months. We started trying in hopes that they would be at least 18 months apart. Now, they will be over 3 years, if and when it ever happens. It breaks my heart on how hard it has been. A roller coaster to say the least. She has been asking for a baby I take her to Target and we buy one. I wish it were that easy. It took 4 years to get Emma...and we were blessed with the most perfect I do not mind waiting... a few months more. Years, no. It will happen. I know it will and when it does...we will have the second most perfect baby in the world.

BUT...if one more freaking person asks me "when we are having another?" or "why haven't you had another one by now?" I will kick them in the teeth then turn them around and kick them in the butt.


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Emily said...

aaww.....{hugs} my friend <3