March 26, 2010

Why the face??

When did "cheese" go from this:

To this:

March 23, 2010

19 months.

Next week would be 19 months of trying to give Emma a sibling. 19 months. We started trying in hopes that they would be at least 18 months apart. Now, they will be over 3 years, if and when it ever happens. It breaks my heart on how hard it has been. A roller coaster to say the least. She has been asking for a baby I take her to Target and we buy one. I wish it were that easy. It took 4 years to get Emma...and we were blessed with the most perfect I do not mind waiting... a few months more. Years, no. It will happen. I know it will and when it does...we will have the second most perfect baby in the world.

BUT...if one more freaking person asks me "when we are having another?" or "why haven't you had another one by now?" I will kick them in the teeth then turn them around and kick them in the butt.


March 13, 2010

Down on the farm..........

Emmers went to the farm today with her cousin Robert, who is also leaving..hmm..hope my baby doesn't get a complex.
They had fun feeding the cows, donkeys, horses and llamas. They ran around playing and even rode the ponies, Ems fave thing to do there.
Capped the day off by playing on Ems turf...first time she has had a little person on her turf...she did great! No fights. She shared everything...thats my girl!!

March 7, 2010


In a few short weeks, Not only is my sister moving, but my best friend. We are 7 years apart..but it seems like we are twins. I already miss her. Landon, her son, is 2.5 months older than Emma. They are very close as well. We are going to save our pennies to go visit them in Denver.

Bye Jen Jen, Landon and Landry. We love you and miss you so much already!!!

Moments like these are going to make saying goodbye that much harder.

March 3, 2010

It's Okay....

Emma is into pretend play now. I love it. Sometimes she is Princess Atta from Bugs Life. Other times Hannah Montana. The other night she was a Dr. Here she is torturing...err..playing Dr with me. You can hear her ask me if I have an owie..then tell me "Its okay. Im a dr."

On top of imaginary play...she is now getting dressed like a big girl all by herself...Bitter sweet....She is growing up waaaay too fast!


So..Jon and I thought we could keep up on this blogging thing...but..yeah FAIL!!

Since we have family moving out of state *sniff sniff*..maybe that will motivate me to post about once a week.

So..Here we go again. Blogging take 3