November 3, 2008


Emma had a busy Halloween. She had a parade at school to start the day, then she headed to my work to visit. She greeted everyone and posed for a few pics.

After, we went to great grammys to go trick or treating with her cousins. She loves them so much!! She went to a few houses and got candy for Jon..Emma chewed on a few wrapped bars, but no sweets for her!! I am hoping she doesn't get my sweet tooth! After going up and down the street, we packed up and headed to the festival at Nanas church. Em played a few games and danced. As soon as her little head hit the carseat, she fell asleep. What a busy day!! I cannot wait for next year!!

October 30, 2008

Back at school!!!

Yay!! Em is now longer sick-faced and she is back at school!! She was really excited about going back. She clapped when she saw where she was. That makes me happy, at least I know they treat her well!!

Tomorrow is her first halloween!!! She will be going to school in the AM, doing a parade at the Senior home, her great grandma Lamson lives there-but is currently in a fully assisted nursing home due to illness. I am sad that she will not be there to see Em in the parade, she loves her.

Jon, Em and I will all be matching on took some convincing Jon, but he agreed to partially dress up...stay tuned for those pics :)

Oh well, back to work for me....

October 29, 2008


I love this time of year!!! I just wished I lived in a place that actually had seasons!! (Not enough to move, Jon..Don't get any ideas!!)

Since we don't get the fun fall colors here or the crisp weather..Jon indulged me and let me do an impromptu photoshoot when I found this tree and its beautiful leaves.

Emma was more interested in the leaves, than taking pictures :). She loved when daddy would throw them in the air. After the shoot, she had them in her hair, shoes and down her shirt. She had so much fun playing in the leaves!!

Still sick faced....

Almost better!! Her fever is subsiding and her lil personality is coming back!! She stayed home from school for one more day to get extra cuddles. Today is a treat, her cousin, Landon, will be coming over too. They have so much fun when they are together and they love eachother sooo much.
24 more days 'til Emma is one!!!!

October 28, 2008


Finally getting around to doing what I have been wanting to do for over a year now. BLOGGING!!! I am not such a good baby book up-to-date keeper, not very creative in the scrapbooking department, and Emma cannot be in 5 different places at one what better way to keep track of her adventures than through this blog!!!

Welcome to EMMA'S WORLD!!!! I just live in it..she runs the show!!!

Monday, Em woke up with a fever. I left work half day to go home to her. Took her to the Dr. She has bronchitis. Poor baby. I hate when she is sick. But she did say "Doc" and when I asked who was at the dr..she said "Boo" which is Jons name for her.

She is growing up so fast!!

Til next time.....